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About us was started in order to help foreign students start another great chapter of their lives in Slovenia. Higher education is truly important and it opens new doors. Studying is not the only process, it is also about making new (international) friendships and connections which will be useful in future. Traveling will fill you with new experiences and make you richer.

The story of started back in 2012 when its founder went abroad to do an exchange and it turned out to be one of the best experiences of his life. He met many new friends from all over the world. After coming back he became a volunteer and helped many foreign exchange students to arrange all the necessary bureaucratic tasks and find accommodation. He also helped them solve various problems. He also organized a couple of events for the exchange students and they turned out to be a big success. Having worked with students over many years made him very experienced and able to solve any problem students potentially have. Now he wants to help new foreign students enjoy student life in Slovenia and gain quality education at the same time. You study, we do the rest.

What makes our services so special? The founder is a local who knows best how to solve any problem and give a proper advice. By speaking many languages he can easily talk to you in give you a desired information in your mother tongue. His experience with working with foreign students makes him a reliable partner. He holds a master degree in economics and provides excellent customer service. is a brand that is owned by our company that is based in Ljubljana, Slovenia. We provide various services to foreigners that need a local consultant. Our services also include immigration services, business consulting, investment and real estate consulting, customer service consulting, business development services, company management and real estate management. We also provide other services that our customers desire. Either we do it or we find someone reliable. By offering various services we strive to help our costumers make their Slovene experience the best possible. We believe this is what every foreigner deserves.

To represent Slovenia and the benefits of studying in Slovenia in the best possible way we used some photos that might not be ours. They were found on websites that are publicly available websites. Their authors or websites where they can be found are listed below:

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