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Find out about our services

We serve all the university students. We are specialized in higher education but we can also offer other services upon request. From thinking of starting to study abroad to actually moving to Slovenia and starting to study you will go through several phases. We have identified them and created several packages so you don't have to order each service separately. We offer assistance from the very beginning till the end of the study or only during several phases, depending on our customer's desires. By dividing the whole process to different phases and offering different packages, we offer our clients solutions that best fit their needs and budgets.

For everyone who has never been to Slovenia and wants to visit it before moving here we offer an invividual excursion showing you all the important places: Ljubljana city center, the University of Ljubljana, its faculties you're interested in, dormitories, neighbourhoods around the faculties where students might stay. We can also show you other places that you might be interested in. If possible we will also show you our natural beauties – lakes Bled and Bohinj. We will also pick you up at the airport/railway station/bus station and take you back, advise you how to get here, where to stay etc. After our excursion, you can still stay in Slovenia. If you need any advice on what to see and how to get there we will be more than happy to assist you. The main purpose is education consulting, seeing Slovenia and meeting us. It's important for us to gain your trust.

After you decide that you want to study in Slovenia and choose the study programme, you have to apply. We will arrange all the documents, apply you for a desired programme and communicate with the faculty when needed. We will provide with a list of the documents that you will need and we will arrange the rest. From the beginning till the end.

Some faculties offer study programmes in English. But if you plan to study in Slovene language, you should attend an intensive course of Slovene first. On average it takes one year for a person to speak good enough to study.

Next phase consists of all the steps that are needed to move to Slovenia. We will pick you up at the airport, we will do our best to find accommodation for you in advance, we will provide you with a bus pass, we will arrange student coupons for food (a special system that allows students to eat cheaper in certain restaurants), slovene SIM card, loyalty cards for shopping malls, help you apply for slovene course so you can know at least basic slovene, opening a bank account, obtaining a residence permit and registering etc.

After you start living here, you will need help every month. You will have to pay for your rent and bills, you will have different question, there's a possibility you will need to see a doctor. You might travel as well and you will need advice on that as well. And the most important, your parents will always have someone they can rely on if something goes wrong. In case of emergency, we will always do everything to solve any potential problem students might have.

Whether you choose all the packages of services or just one we will be happy to assist you.


How do we serve you?


To sum up. Our process starts with you contacting us. What follows:

1. You tell us about your study desires in Slovenia. If you are not sure about studying in Slovenia we organize an introductory excursion for you.

2. If you don't know yet which programme to choose we will find the most suitable one for you. Our process starts with listening to your desires. Then we check all the study programmes and find the most suitable one or more of them and help you choose the right one. This service is free of charge when choosing the package of services.

3. When knowing the study programme we fill out the application form for slovene language courses if needed. After one year of intensive slovene courses we enroll you at the desired study programme. If you plan to study in English we immediately fill out your study application.

4. After being enrolled we start preparing everything for your immigration to Slovenia. We do our best to prepare as much as possible in advance. Especially when ordering VIP services.

5. When you arrive we pick you up at the airport/railway station and explain to you everything that you have to know. We will even assist you with arranging all the necessary things like registering your residency, bus passes, student coupons, showing you all the important places etc.

6. Now you are ready to study!


VIP services

We also provide VIP services for our high-income customers who want more. If you want to buy a car and/or a property for your student(s), we will make sure you get what you want. There's no need to worry about bureaucracy which is also involved in such processes. We help you find the right property, provide all the support when during purchasing process. We help you find the best deal for you, accompany you, translate, negotiate the price, make sure all the legal procedures are done properly.

Our VIP services also include reminding you about important dates regarding your car (car registration, insurance, changing tyres etc.) and helping you take it to the service. Also, buying a property takes some time to deal with all the bureaucracy, paying taxes and other important things. We make sure everything is done according to the laws of the Republic of Slovenia.

When needed we can also offer other services that are not included in our standard offer like a visit to your country to represent all the possibilities. Please don't hesitate to contact us for more information.

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