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Perfect Location

Slovenia lies in the heart of Europe which makes it truly convenient to travel around. Did you know that Venice is only two hours away from Slovenia's capital Ljubljana? Munich, Vienna and Budapest are only 4 hours away. Zagreb is only one hour and a half away from Ljubljana, Belgrade and Milan are only 5 hours away. This means that everyone studying in Slovenia is able to travel around during holidays and their parents can also travel after they visit their students in Slovenia.

Also, its perfect location allows students to start their careers anywhere in Europe as nothing is far and they don't have to move far. Studying in the European Union will give them new possibilities to stay in the European Union and work here and else where in the world. Also, it is a great opportunity to start their careers in Slovenia, especially if they want to become entrepreneurs since Slovenia is perfectly located between east and west and north and sound and offers good facilities. Parents who are business people and are planning to expand their businesses to Europe should send their children to study in Europe because they will learn about life and business in Europe. Slovenia is a perfect choice.

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