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Why studying abroad?

The answer is simple. To gain international experience, learn new languages and open new possibilities for your future career. ​Living abroad and studying in a foreign city gives you an exposure which lasts a life time. It will allow you to broaden your horizons and jump ahead of your peers. Number of students studying abroad is increasing which means that students are becoming more and more aware of benefits of studying abroad.

By studying abroad you will also:

  • Boost your social skills: Make friends for life and nurture a network which will support you in your career. Improve those language skills and become an asset in the global economy of the future.

  • Improve your CV: Improve your CV by gaining new perspectives, obtaining new knowledge and gaining invaluable life skills. Impress your future employer or create a great basis for your future entrepreneurial career.

  • Make your first step to immigrate: Studying abroad is a perfect opportunity to immigrate to the places where you want to work and use all your capabilities to be more efficient. Whether the country of study is the desired destination or just the first step to get there, don't hestitate and make that first step to improve your life.


Studying abroad also positively influences students' careers. Latest research shows that 92 percent of students who studied abroad were employed within 12 months after their graduation and only 49 percent of those who didn't were employed within 12 months after their graduation. Those who studied abroad also earn on average 25% more than those who didn't.

Why do you need support when studying abroad?

Companies providing student support are good partners on your way to quality education. They know the language, the laws, the procedures, processes of applying, knowing how to find the best deals in town and most importantly, they are always there for you and you can always rely on them. Future students and their parents don't have to worry whether they filled out all the forms correctly or not. Worried about getting your visa or residence permit? No need to do it. Student support companies will tell you what they need from you and the rest is their job. Even when something changes, it is their job to take care of it. Obtaining all the necessary documents to study abroad has never been so easy.

Finding accommodation is also not an easy task especially if you're a foreigner since not all the landlords speak foreign languages. Also, it takes some time to find a suitable accommodation and sometimes it is possible to arrange everything with landlords prior to your arrival so you can focus on adapting to the new environment immediately. There is absolutely no need to worry about contracts in Slovene language as your consultant can check if everything is ok so you don't get scammed.

After you arrive and find accommodation you will have to arrange various things like obtaining a local SIM card, signing contract with an internet service provider (if necessary), obtaining a public transportation pass, opening a bank account, finding the best stores in the neighbourhood and getting their loyalty cards, helping you pay monthly rent and other expenses and many other things. By not knowing which services to use you can easily have difficulties arranging everything properly or end up paying much more than necessary.

After moving to Slovenia it is crucial to always have someone you can rely on if you have any kind of problem or only a question. Students' parents will be totally calm since they will know that potential problems will always be solved. And they can always contact us if they have any extra question.

Why do you need all this? We believe your time is limited and it should be spent on studying since this is the main reason you are moving abroad. As Thomas Edison once said: “Time is really the only capital that any human being has, and the only thing he can’t afford to lose."

What do we do?

We are a slovene company providing services to foreign students studying in Slovenia and their parents. We strive to support our clients from their first thoughts of studying in Europe till their graduation. Using our service you can stop worrying about your study in Slovenia. We will do everything for you. Well, everything except studying.


We have figured out that there's not enough support for foreign students in Slovenia and thus we want to assist them by dealing with all the bureaucracy instead of them. There's a lot to do when you're moving abroad to study. From applying for a desired study programme to moving here, finding accommodation, obtaining a residence permit etc.


As locals who have already gone through slovene educational process and helped foreign students at the same time we are highly aware of what foreign students in Slovenia need. Based on our experience we founded a company that will make foreign students' living in Slovenia easy and make their parents sleep well without any worries.


Your success begins here.

Need more details? Contact us

We are here to assist. Contact us by phone, email or via our Social Media channels.

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